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Help us ban BPA in Multnomah County!

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Moms from around the county are coming out to a public hearing tomorrow to show their support for a BPA ban that will ensure that kids are no longer exposed to BPA in the products we use to feed them.

If you can’t join us, will you back us up by making some calls to our commissioners before 10 am tomorrow?

It will take you less than 10 minutes to make all 5 calls. Here are the numbers:

Commissioner Deborah Kafoury (District 1): (503) 988-5220
Commissioner Loretta Smith (District 2): (503) 988-5219
Commissioner Judy Shiprack (District 3): (503) 988-5217
Commissioner Diane McKeel (District 4): (503) 988-5213
County Chair Jeff Cogen: (503) 988-3308 (Note: Jeff actually introduce the ban – so be sure to thank him!)

Some reasons we support the ban:

BPA is known to be a toxic, hormone-disrupting chemical and it shouldn’t be in kids products. Period.
All families regardless of their income, education or where they shop deserve to know that the products on the shelves (the ones that are marketed for use by children) are actually safe for children to use.
The county should join the 10 other states and 4 other counties that have already passed a ban. Every little bit leads us toward stronger national toxics laws (which is what we really need).
The county should act to protect kids where our state and federal governments have failed. Our kids simply can’t wait another year.