Who We Are

We’re Oregon mamas and caregivers working together to get more women, mamas, and women of color elected to office in Oregon. We support candidates who are committed to fighting for mamas and caregivers and the families that rely on them — candidates who will fight for the things we need, like paid family and medical leave and affordable, quality child care.

How We Got Started

In the spring of 2010, a group of Oregon mothers came together to start The Mother PAC because of a shared concern that mothers – and the issues that impact them – are being overlooked by those elected to represent us. And to our great detriment – often resulting in less economic security and fewer rights for mothers and the families who depend on them. There also aren’t many mothers in elected office, and due to the various constraints on our time, it can be challenging for us to develop and use our political voice.

So we started a political action committee (PAC) to raise awareness about the public policy issues that matter to mothers and to help elect candidates for public office who will champion the kinds of policies mothers and families need. The Mother PAC is a “sister” organization to Family Forward Action, a local political organization that involves mothers and caregivers in grassroots advocacy all year-round.

We think it’s critical for more moms who care about equity to get political, and that means more than voting! It also means asking more of the people asking for our votes, helping to get the people who will fight for what we need elected, and, sometimes, running for office ourselves!.

That’s why, at The Mother PAC, we pool our resources and time to support candidates who will fight for us. When you support us, you help us build a voice and power for mothers across the state. When candidates get support from The Mother PAC, they know our vision and agree to be a part of making it a reality for  *all* Oregon’s mothers.