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A new day. A new Governor.

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KB2015-036-EditHiResToday is a new day. With a new Governor for Oregon.

We are really looking forward to working with Governor Kate Brown. Given her significant experience in Oregon governance and her track record on the issues we care about (we endorsed her as Secretary of State in 2012), we are confident that she will be a strong partner as we continue our work to create an economy that really works for Oregon mothers and the families who increasingly depend on them.

Her leadership will be needed in these next critical months while the state legislature is in session, making important decisions that will affect the lives of every one of us. Oregonians have been clear about their desire for strong new policies that Oregon mothers and their families have been waiting too long for. Policies like: paid sick time, equal pay for equal work, retirement security, a higher minimum wage, and affordable childcare (among others).

We endorsed John Kitzhaber twice since we started The Mother PAC in 2010, because he was committed to many of the issues we care about – and has supported policies that advance economic opportunity and security for women and families. We really value that in our elected leaders. In fact, to win our endorsement, we require it.

After decades of public service to our state and its people, we thank him for his dedication and leadership, and truly regret the way his tenure came to a close.

You should know that we will continue to pursue our vision of an Oregon that really works for mothers and families no matter who is governor.  But we are glad to get the chance to do it with someone as effective and experienced as Kate Brown.

We invite you to watch Governor Brown’s brief remarks upon being sworn in this morning: