-- The Mother PAC

The Oregon Political Tax Credit

It may seem too good to be true that we Oregonians have the opportunity to donate to a political candidate or Political Action Committee (like The Mother PAC) and get it all back, but it’s really, actually true.  So get giving!

Here’s how it works:

You donate $50 (if you’re a single filer) or $100 (if you’re a joint filer) to The Mother PAC (or another PAC, political party, or political candidate in Oregon) and when the time comes to pay your taxes or get a rebate, you get it all back.  100% of it.  This is no deduction, folks, it’s a full credit back to you.  Think of it as a political loan that’s fully repaid (no interest, though!).

The only restriction (new in 2013) is for single filers who have adjusted gross incomes above $100,000 and joint filers who bring home more than $200,000 in a year.

By all means, give more if you like – we promise to put it to good use.  But beyond the $50 or $100 described above, the rest is neither deductible nor a credit.  But it’s an investment in the kind of Oregon that you want and that we are working hard to make real.

For detailed details (like tax forms and such), see this site dedicated to this uniquely Oregon way for people to engage in our political process.

Feeling inspired?  Great – just click here to donate to The Mother PAC online now.