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NPR Airs Story on Working Mom Conundrum

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The recent brouhaha in the national news media around Ann Romney’s work as a stay-at-home mother of five has yielded some excellent commentary that — happily — reaches far behind the old “mommy wars.” Because today’s mothers know that there are much more important issues at stake, ranging from the high cost of child care to lack of workplace flexibility and paid time off to care for sick family members. Plus, most of us do stints of paid and unpaid work throughout our time as mothers, so the divide is no longer relevant (if it ever was).

Take a minute (or four) to listen to this excellent NPR story (aired 4.20.12) on the challenges of working mothers in the United States — it’s another positive outcome of the hullaballoo.


image credit: http://www.newparent.com/baby/time-saving-tips-for-working-moms/