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Brad Avakian for Oregon Secretary of State

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brad avakian image 20162016 is a BIG election year and not just because of the Presidential election in November.

Oregonians have important races to determine right here at home, too, from local city and county races all the way on up to Governor. Over the next several months, we’ll let you know whom we’re endorsing for a range of elected offices in Oregon where we think our voice makes a difference.

Today we want to let you know that we’ve endorsed Brad Avakian to be Oregon’s next Secretary of State. 

Not only does Brad share and champion our values when it comes to building workplaces across Oregon that really work for Oregon workers, he has a l-o-n-g history (in and out of elected office) of successfully advocating for the rights of women and working families — who too often get left behind.

One of the ways women get left behind is Oregon’s domestic violence epidemic. Sadly, Brad Avakian’s opponent Dennis Richardson has done more to inhibit the progress and stability of domestic violence survivors more than any other candidate. Read the Register Guard’s assessment right here.

Conversely, Brad Avakian co-sponsored bills that provide  important protections for domestic violence victims, has an exceptional track record of supporting equal pay for women, and has been a champion of employee protections, especially in low wage jobs (where women dominate).

Brad, has an exceptional track record of starting work in important areas and working to solve problems that others aren’t working on. Problems that we, too, are very focused on solving.

Take equal pay for equal work, for example. In 2011, Brad assigned the Oregon Council on Civil Rights (a group he created) to research the causes of and solutions to Oregon’s persistent wage gaps for women. The resulting report is an incredible roadmap to equality for women and mothers in the workplace, which Brad has worked hard to share with people all over the state.  In addition to advocating for many of the policy solutions recommended in this report, Brad has also directed his agency to create the tools and resources that employers who want to make changes will need and that help employees to better understand their rights.  

We’ve also seen Brad push for much-needed expanded employee protections.  As we see employment in so many low-wage industries (where women predominate) become increasingly temporary, seasonal, contingent, and eroded in many other ways, we need champions like Brad who will push back.

These are just some of the examples we could list where we have personally seen Brad stick his neck out to support women’s economic security. And we’re confident he’s going to keep prioritizing and working hard to accomplish the same goals we are for Oregon women and families. In other words, he’s been a strong partner and we believe he will continue to be one.

It’s important to note that there are three good candidates in this race. Each has supported our agenda and each shares our values. It’s not easy to take a stand for one candidate in a primary race with other strong allies, but Brad’s track record demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond to advance women’s economic security in Oregon. We think that’s something worth getting behind.


Please continue to check our 2016 endorsement page for all our endorsements as we announce them.