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Oregon’s 2011 Sloan Award Winners for Workplace Flexibility

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We know that creating a family-forward workplace takes courage and leadership.  We also know that Oregon families – and businesses – do better in flexible workplaces.  And in the 21st century, it’s the new way to work.  So in 2011, Family Forward Oregon brought the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility to Oregon and created our own, only-in-Oregon Family Forward Leadership Award.

Congratulations to our 2011 Flexible Workplace Winners:

FMYI, Inc.
Full Access
Innovative Care Management, Inc.
Isler CPA
KPMG (Portland office)
Mercy Corps
Metropolitan Family Service
NPC Research
Oregon Environmental Council
Oregon Research Institute
Our House
Portland State University
PREM Group, Inc
Ride Connection
River Network
Rose City Mortgage
Stoel Rives LLP, Portland
Swift Collective

Honorable Mention: Green Building Services

Thank you

Family Forward Oregon extends our heart-felt thanks to all of these forward-thinking, family-friendly employers in Oregon. These employers recognize that the economic well-being of their employees and their employees’ families are part of building a thriving economy.

More about the Sloan Award for Workplace Flexibilty

The Sloan Award is a prestigious national award program recognizes employers that are successfully building flexible workplaces – workplaces that offer flexible hours, flexible places to work, part-time work options, and predictable work hours.

There are a lot of awards out there. This one is different because:

  • It emphasizes employee input
  • It is work-site based
  • Workplaces compete against a national standard, not each other

All of these elements give this award a high level of validity and ensure that it will honor what is true for people working here in Oregon.

Winners will receive national and local recognition, including tribute at an awards event in the fall, and coverage in national and local media. Everyone who applies will receive a free benchmarking report, which shows them where they are strong and how they can improve.

Any employer that has 10 or more employees can apply. This includes businesses, non-profits, government agencies, schools and universities. The 2012 online application is now open – with an April 16, 2012 deadline.

The Family Forward Leadership Award is our own, local award.  Each year, we will recognize one employer that stands out in a field of innovative, family-forward employers.  In 2011, Rose City Mortgage in Portland won this award for truly being ahead of the pack.  When you apply for the Sloan Award, you are automatically applying for the Family Forward Leadership Award as well.