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Help us ban BPA in Multnomah County!

Moms from around the county are coming out to a public hearing tomorrow to show their support for a BPA ban that will ensure that kids are no longer exposed to BPA in the products we use to feed them. If you can’t join us, will you back us up by making some calls to …Read More »


The High Cost of Child Care

I’ll never forget that first check I wrote to pay for child care. It was so much money! Did you know that in Oregon, child care often costs more than college tuition? That’s right. Full-time infant and toddler care, for example, costs an average of $10,392 a year, while college tuition averages $6,790. And we have 18 or so years to sock money away for college! Not so for child care, which many of us start paying for as soon as six weeks after birth.  A shocking reality for most new parents. Read the rest.

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NPR Airs Story on Working Mom Conundrum

The recent brouhaha in the national news media around Ann Romney’s work as a stay-at-home mother of five has yielded some excellent commentary that — happily — reaches far behind the old “mommy wars.” Because today’s mothers know that there are much more important issues at stake, ranging from the high cost of child care to lack of workplace flexibility and paid time off to care for sick family members. Plus, most of us do stints of paid and unpaid work throughout our time as mothers, so the divide is no longer relevant (if it ever was).

Take a minute (or four) to listen to this excellent NPR story on the challenges of working mothers in the United States — it’s another positive outcome of the hullaballoo.


Report on Paid Family & Medical Leave!

The Center for American Progress (CAP) just released a new report (April 12, 2012) documenting the need for a national paid family and medical leave program. The report, “The Effects of Paid Family and Medical Leave on Employment Stability and Economic Security,” explains how — “though it may seem counterintuitive — providing paid family and medical leave when people cannot work due to caregiving responsibilities actually helps keep people employed. Read the rest.


Oregon’s 2011 Sloan Award Winners for Workplace Flexibility

We know that creating a family-forward workplace takes courage and leadership.  We also know that Oregon families – and businesses – do better in flexible workplaces.  And in the 21st century, it’s the new way to work.  So in 2011, Family Forward Oregon brought the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility to Oregon …Read More »


Support SB 1548 – The Fair Employment Opportunity Act

60 Minutes, Aired 2/19/12:


The Fair Employment Opportunity Act Passes!

The Urban League and Family Forward Oregon partnered to support this victory for Oregonians who want to work! We don’t think people who are not currently in the workforce should be shut out of certain jobs simply because they’re not currently employed. Discriminating actions like that just aren’t the way to get unemployed Oregonians working again.

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Nearly Mother’s Day Tea

In May, 2012, we hosted an entirely different kind of tea party, where Oregon women came together at The Heathman Hotel in Portland for tea, crumpets & to discuss the politics of motherhood – past, present and future.