Dance Party | October 25th | Portland

You’ve come to the right place. We’re having a dance party, and we want you to come. Get your tickets right here:


#FairShot, because the 19th century is so over.

Big News!!

We’re super excited to share the news with you: this morning The Mother PAC helped launch an awesome new campaign called FAIR SHOT OREGON to help women and working families get ahead, not just get by.


Because too many of us are struggling with: Stagnant wages. No benefits. Zero retirement savings. Steep childcare costs. Not enough money for gas. Tight food budgets. Pay inequality.

And we want to know where Oregon candidates stand on these issues!

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We’re having a dance party.  And we want you to come. WHAT: A guest DJ dance party featuring exclusively women who rock – open to all dancers! WHY: Because it’s been awhile since you went out dancing and The Mother PAC wants to see your booty on the dance floor. Oh, and it benefits The …Read More »


TAKE ACTION: Reduce Toxics in Kids’ Products!



Our family leave conversation: Urgent & incomplete

There is a growing conversation in Oregon and across our country about family leave — because the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is insufficient in two key ways: it’s unpaid and doesn’t cover all workers. Family Forward Oregon’s Executive Director Andrea Paluso wrote this guest opinion piece to raise awareness about the failings of what we (don’t) have now, and to make sure that anyone thinking about a pathway forward on family leave is working toward a paid program.


Our testimony: In favor of gun safety



No Summer Break for Working Parents

Susan Nielsen of The Oregonian is right to point out the summer conundrum that working American parents face every year when trying to responsibly provide and care for their children (“After hunt for summer child care, I need a vacation,” April 8, 2013). She quotes Nancy Hauth, who oversees after-school care and other programs for Portland Public Schools: “Parents do keep working during the summer. It’s frustrating that we haven’t figured this out.”


Earned Sick Time for ALL Oregonians!

People who work in Portland will being earning sick time in January, 2014, thanks to an ordinance passed by the Portland City Council on March 13, 2013.  And while that will directly assist about 260,000 Portland workers who don’t currently earn any paid sick time while they work, it doesn’t help the other 320,000 Oregonians who work outside of Portland who won’t be covered by this new Portland policy.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Session’s In: Contact Your Legislators!



The Maternal Wall

Our good friend and co-founder of wrote a strong piece in The Washington Post on March 15, 2013 about overcoming the maternal wall.  And since a lot folks out there don’t know what that even is, we want to be sure her piece gets around.


Some Thoughts On “Leaning In”

Like many women who follow women’s issues and the increasingly common national work-family policy discussions, we’ve been following the conversation about Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, “Lean In,” and the firestorm of reactions she and it are generating. Of all the feedback we’ve seen, we like these the best: